Too Fantastic to Be True

Even when the “final solution” became apparent, why did the ...


Lord Charwood

Godfrey Rathbone Benson, the first Baron Charnwood (1864–1945), was born in Arlesford, Hampshire, England, and educated at Oxford. As a member of the Liberal party he served three years in the House of Commons and later, after his elevation to the peerage in 1911, in the House of Lords. We do not know exactly why, but he soon began work on a life of Abraham Lincoln, which was published in England in 1916. Unlike many other biographies of Lincoln, Charnwood’s is primarily a character study. He was most interested in Lincoln’s qualities as politician and statesman, and while he provided essential facts, he took pains to interpret American history to his British audience. His admiration for Lincoln comes through in his recounting of the president’s remarkable political skills, his moral strength, and his honesty, courage, and kindness.