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Stalin's Boots

European History

Stalin’s death in 1953 and Khrushchev’s denunciation of the Soviet Union's repressive policies opened the door to unrest in Eastern Europe. The most instructive case was Hungary. There a strong nationalist tradition combined with a disdain for its Communist bosses to incite a spontaneous popular rebellion against one-party rule. The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 was quickly put down by Soviet tanks, but in its historical antecedents, its idealism, and the character of its major players it provided a textbook portrait of a revolt against autocratic power.  

Tags:  Hungary - Freedom Fighters - Communism - Soviet Union - Soviet Satellites - Iron Curtain - 1956 Revolution - Memento Park - Joseph Stalin - Janos Kadar - Matyas Rakosi - Bela Kun - Miklos Horthy - Imre Nagy - Tibor Dery