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A Grand Way to Chronicle a War

The Lure of Paris's Hotel Scribe in World War II

by Ronald Weber

History, Journalism

In 1944, after the liberation of Paris, the Hotel Scribe became Allied press headquarters in Europe. Through the Scribe’s portals, with its hot baths, good food, and comfortable bar, passed the cream of wartime journalism as well as its foot soldiers--a fascinating scene behind the front lines.

Darwin Changes His Mind

His Findings in the Galapagos Islands Lead Him to the Theory of Evolution

by Charles Darwin

History, Natural History

In 1831, Charles Darwin, twenty-two years old and a student of the ministry at Cambridge University, signed on to accompany the captain of the HMS Beagle on a voyage to survey the poorly known coastal areas of South America. Young Darwin’s account of this five-year journey became one of the world’s great travel books—The Voyage of the Beagle—but his experience also led him toward a theory of evolution that overthrew the most fundamental beliefs of man’s place in the world. And a key encounter in this regard was Darwin’s visit to the Galapagos Islands with its myriad species.

A Jewish State

Theodor Herzl Proposes a Solution to the ‘Jewish Question’

by Theodor Herzl

History, Judaica

In 1896 Theodor Herzl proposed an answer to the so-called Jewish Question for the ghettoized Jews of Europe. He argued that anti-Semitism could be curbed if Jews might found an independent state of their own in the twentieth century, and he laid out the principles and programs for its success.