The Battle of Britain

History’s version of the Battle of Britain, a key moment ...


Robert Brustein

National Medal of Arts winner Robert Brustein founded the American Repertory Theatre Company in 1979 and for twenty-two years was its artistic director as well as professor of English at Harvard University. Born in New York City, he studied at Amherst College, the Yale Drama School, and Columbia University. He later taught at Columbia and Yale, where he founded the Yale Repertory Theatre and was dean of the Yale School of Drama. For more than forty-five years Mr. Brustein served as drama critic for The New Republic. Among his seventeen books are The Theatre of Revolt, Seasons of Discontent, The Third Theatre, Revolution as Theatre, Critical Moments, Making Scenes, Who Needs Theatre, Reimagining American Theatre, Dumbocracy in America, Cultural Calisthenics, The Siege of the Arts, and The Tainted Muse. He has also written twelve plays, including The Shakespeare Trilogy—The English Channel, Mortal Terror, and The Last Will—and two Klezmer musicals, Schlemiel the First and King of the Schnorrers.