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Getting Connected

Radio and the Movies in the Daily Life of Americans, 1920-1940

by David E. Kyvig

For new immigrant Americans and longtime resident alike, the United States in the early 20th century was undergoing the rapid change of industrialization, urbanization, and electrification. The latter process in particular, though far from complete, was affecting daily life for millions of ordinary people. Beginning in the 1880s, street lighting, industrial machinery, and urban transit systems had been electrified. Within a couple of decades, electricity had begun to enter upper- and middle-class homes and then the dwellings of urban workers. Electric lights, the first electric appliance for most, lengthened days and reshaped nights. As its use rapidly expanded, electricity prepared the way for other technological changes. Among them, radio and the cinema became marvels of the age.  

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ISBN: 9781937853204

Words: 11,609

Pages: 25

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