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Militant Christians

The Rise of Fundamentalism in American Culture

by George M. Marsden

Fundamentalist religion is one of the most powerful and least understood forces in American life, and its influence continues to grow.  Its core beliefs reflect an unease with modernity and with a social and moral landscape that its adherents find offensive.  They prefer the fundamentals expressed in the Bible—not only in their practice of religion and in their personal lives but in the larger life of the nation.  While fundamentalists have attracted most attention in recent decades as they have sought to bring their values to the politics of the public square, the story of their rise has its roots in centuries-old efforts to breathe new life into the old ways of Protestantism.  George Marsden brings a keen understanding of the faith to this enlightening exploration of an important phenomenon in twenty-first-century America

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ISBN: 978-1-937853-34-1

Words: 9,400

Pages: 20

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Tags:  Fundamentalism - Religion - Political Right - Evangelicals