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Mostly He Won

Kubrick, Bobby Fischer and the Attraction of Chess

by Jeremy Bernstein

The 1972 world championship chess match between Bobby Fischer of the United States and Boris Spassky of the Soviet Union was an event of international importance—and a media bonanza. Fischer himself was a singular character study, and the circumstances of the match in Iceland led to bizarre complications. The New Yorker writer Jeremy Bernstein came to Reykjavik to report on these affairs—but via a circuitous route that featured William Shawn, the New Yorker’s editor; Arthur C. Clarke, the renowned writer of science fiction; Stanley Kubrick, the famed filmmaker; and Playboy magazine. Out of this heady mix, Bernstein fashions a tale of large personalities involved in an intense, brainy competition.

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ISBN: 978-1-937853-19-8

Words: 5,953

Pages: 13

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