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The Genius and the Jerk

Steve Jobs Comes of Age

by Walter Vatter

Despite an overload of articles, books, and even a feature film exploring the life and work of Steve Jobs, his peculiar character remains a mystery. In making Apple such a brilliant, world-changing success, was he a genius—or simply an unusually good marketer of a machine whose time had come? And what of his personality? To say he was curmudgeonly would be doing him a great favor. In relatively brief compass, Walter Vatter here explores the early years of Steve Jobs that led to his business triumphs. He scrutinizes his family life, his education, his personal relationships, his technological smarts, and his important decisions. He weighs Jobs’s accomplishments against his reputation and in so doing raises serious questions about the nature of success in America.

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ISBN: 978-1-937853-80-8

Words: 12,252

Pages: 27

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