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The Head in Football

The History of Concussions and the Future of the Sport

by Michael Oriard

Concern over head injuries in football is now a national discussion that threatens the future and character of the game at all levels, but especially in the professional arena. The National Football League, after years of ignoring or denying the problem, is trying hard to catch up to the public mood and preserve a $9 billion business. Parents and schools are fearful. How we came to this point in the development of football is the subject of Michael Oriard’s penetrating investigation of the physical and cultural aspects of the sport as they affect the role of the head. Mr. Oriard, who has played football at all levels—high school, college, and professional—brings a unique perspective to an urgent subject.

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ISBN: 978-1-937853-57-0

Words: 15,366

Pages: 34

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