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Dearest Friend

Selected Letters of John and Abigail Adams, 1774-1783

by John & Abigail Adams

To mark the centennial of American independence in 1876, Charles Francis Adams assembled a collection of letters between his grandparents, John and Abigail Adams, from 1774 to 1783. The Adamses were no ordinary family, and these were no ordinary letters. In these years of decisive ferment for their young country, John Adams was at the center of proceedings in the Continental Congress that were to eventuate in the Revolutionary War and the Declaration of Independence; his wife Abigail was at home on their farm in Braintree, Massachusetts, with four children—but in many ways as engaged in daily events as her husband. Their letters, displaying a keen perception and a loving devotion to each other, are unparalleled in American history.

Dearest Friend details:

ISBN: 9781937853693

Words: 33,946

Pages: 75

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Tags:  John Adams - Abigail Adams - Adams family - American Revolution - Revolutionary War - Continental Congress - Treaty of Paris - John Quincy Adams - Women's rights - Declaration of Independence - Colonial America