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Inaugural Addresses of Franklin D. Roosevelt

The Words That Lifted a Nation Through the Great Depression and World War II

by Franklin D. Roosevelt

Among his other accomplishments, Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first president in American history to be elected four times. After his victories in 1932 and 1936, his decisions to run for a third term in 1940, and again for a fourth term in 1944, were widely debated. After all, said his critics, even Washington had not seen fit to run for a third term. But the clouds of war were menacing in Roosevelt’s later years, and the American people were reluctant to change horses. At the time of each of FDR’s inaugural addresses, the nation faced different problems. Some progress had been made, but many problems had not yet been overcome; and meanwhile new challenges or perils lay on the horizon. In each of his addresses, Roosevelt offered the people a candid appraisal and sometimes sought to prepare them for circumstances that lay ahead.

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